Light, healthy and delicious, salad is the perfect meal for a hot summer’s day. If you’re planning on hosting a BBQ, picnic or other get together in the coming weeks, there’s a good chance that salad will feature on your menu. If you want your lettuce, carrot, tomato and avocado to look as professional as possible, you’ll need to invest in a few handy kitchen accessories.

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If you’re going to have grated carrot, grated beetroot or other grated veg in your salad, you need to invest in a good quality grater. A well made grater will make your life a lot easier and take the strain out of preparing all those delicious fresh ingredients. Microplane have an excellent selection of handheld and box graters, so take a look round to find the design that’s right for you.


Although vegetable peelers are far from glamorous, they’re another essential accessory that can make a major difference to the ease of your food prep. Opinel offer an excellent range of beautifully designed and made peelers. Sharp and easy to handle, their eye-catching wood-handled range is the perfect choice for your kitchen.


If you want to make your summer salads look impossibly professional, invest in a Microplane herb and salad chopper. Ergonomically designed and built to last, these handy tools will make finely chopping your ingredients a doddle. Investing in a few good quality knives will also help you to cut, slice and carve your veg to perfection.


Lettuce is an integral part of pretty much all summer salads. Make sure your lettuce is clean and dry by buying yourself a good quality salad spinner. Incredibly easy to use, these handy accessories will help you put a healthy and delicious salad together in moments.


Once you’ve prepped all of the ingredients for your summer salad, you’ll need a large bowl to bring them altogether. On our site you’ll find an excellent selection of stylish salad bowls. Ranging from organic wooden bowls to modern ceramic bowls, there’s a wide variety to choose from. Invest in a range of bowls to ensure you have a stylish receptacle for your salads no matter what their size.


A good quality set of salad servers will help you to serve up your delicious dish. You can either invest in a set of servers with two separate pieces or opt for tong-style servers that come as one. Both of types of server should do the job perfectly so it just comes down to which design you prefer.